Monday, April 15, 2013

Eat Slow

We've all been there: you're hungry, food arrives, and you dive in. You don't talk or take breaks to breath. You do not share. Finished, you push your plate back and slip into a bad case of puppy belly, not remembering what just happened. Believe it or not, wolfing your food down is not ideal. You eat too much, digestion is impeded, and people probably think you are underfed.

This is one of my worst habits. I eat too fast and I don't think I'm alone. I love food almost to a fault. I am morbidly obese on the inside. I think about lunch while eating breakfast. Eating is a competitive sport for some, and I consider myself a champion in training.

All kidding aside, it is better to eat slow. As hard as this can be when you are hungry and the food is tasty, there are many reasons to slow our forks:

  1. Digestion - When we eat fast, bites get chewed less, meaning they get less exposure to our saliva. This is the first step in our digestive process and if it gets skimped or skipped all together, we end up getting less goodness from our food.
  2. Intake - As we eat, there is a delay between food reaching our stomachs and our stomachs telling our brain that we are full. During this delay, we can shovel down a few more helpings before we realize we overate. If we slow down, we can eat an appropriate amount and not get that "puppy belly" feeling after a big meal.
  3. Manners - I know not everybody is super interested in having impeccable table manners, but even if you are eating at a fast food place, it is important to conduct yourself like a civilized human being, not a ravenous hyena. 
  4. Enjoyment - As fun as it is to try and slam you food as fast as possible, food really does taste better when you enjoy each bite. Try putting down the fork, sandwich or other food delivery vessel in between bites. It might just taste a little better.
My goal is to be more mindful at every meal. I want to enjoy my food as well as my company. Try it out and let me know what you think.

PS - Today's workout: Descending ladder of front squats, push press and windmills. So, 20, 16, 12, 8, 4 reps of  each exercise using a kettlebell for all three. Split the reps so you do half with the kettlebell in each hand. I did it with my 50lb. KB. Enjoy.


  1. Jane has been teling me the same thing for years. I just attended my first Parkour class last night, and I loved it, I am definitely adding this to my workout routine.

    1. I've always wanted to try parkour. Some of my work friends have tried and and said it was a pretty good time. I can only hope that I one day get an opportunity to use parkour-like moves in the real world.